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My Name is Kunal Saxena
I have around 11+ years of experience in testing and Working as a Sr Lead QA in Globallogic.

My experience was across all form of development cycle from writing code to unit testing, Manual to Automation testing.

Involved in Creating Test Plan, Defining scope and Strategy and Monitoring project throught the life cycle.

I had been involved in Performance , Stress and Load testing. 
During all these years of working, I have learned lots of tips and tricks. Some tricks are well known and some are not and some tricks are hard learned and known to few.

This site is my attempt to put my knowledge on this page so that others can make use of my knowledge. 
This is my effort to consolidate all the testing related articles at Single Place. 
I would consider my website to be a success, if even a single person got some help from my site.

If you have any concerns or queries, then you can contact me at below email. 
I will try to answer all your queries within a day or two. Just make sure that your subject is :"Regarding your website"

Please don't sign Guest Book. I am still working on it. Send mail, It will help me to make my website more productive.

Please mail me at: ksaxena@gmail.com

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